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  • Realtors Forum- Wednesday, March 28, 8:30AM
  • Oak Creek / Qualil Hollow Community Forum - Saturday, April 10, at the basketball court in Quail Hollow
  • Chamber of Commerce Forum-Grillin' & Chillin Ale House, Wednesday, May 16th 11:30am

I don't hesitate to dive into problems and deliver solutions.  As a member of an oversight committee, I noticed that a school district was grossly overpaying a consultant and called them out on it.  As a school board member, I saw that funds were missing and others were not properly accounted for, and helped initiate litigation against those responsible when they would not provide information.  When parents reached out and made me aware of personnel problems, I insisted the District investigate and act.

You should vote for me because I live the life most of you do.  Most of San Benito County's elected officials live and work here.  They do not understand what it is like to get on highway 25, 156, or 152 and be caught in traffic.  They do not have to buy expensive gas for the 100+ miles a day and wonder where the gas taxes, that the state legislators that they endorsed, voted for but are not being spent here to repair our roads!