Member, Governing Board, Hollister School Board

I ran for school board for two reasons:

  1. I was on the Measure M Citizens’ Oversight Committee and questioned an item of significant cost.  The school district treated me very badly, which was not acceptable after it asked the taxpayers for $29 million of their hard-earned money with the promise of establishing an oversight committee.
  2. A prominent educator in the county asked me to run to address the Hollister School District’s poorly performing schools and how they then impacted how San Benito High School would perform as students matriculated into it.

Unfortunately, the oversight issue got worse, although not necessarily with the bond measure but with accounting issues between the Hollister School District and various other San Benito County government entities.  Monies are missing and developer fees are a mess, as is the accounting for property taxes that we may not have received.  We have had to initiate litigation against the county of San Benito because we have not been able to get information from it that would answer our questions. 

I believe that I have been a driving force in the District getting to the bottom of it.  You can read some of the legal filings here Case CU-17-00085 CU-18-00026  CU-18-00026.

As I believe I have with addressing academic issues.  I believe that the Hollister School District is an academic institution and should act like one, putting academics and student & staff safety above everything else.  Despite public education overall being in a trap created by legislators in Sacramento and education industry organization more concerned with social issues and unions than students, I am relentless about academics and student achievement.