On Animal Control in San Benito County

Dogs, cats, and other animals are not criminals!  And most are very well behaved.

Animal owners need to control their pets.  We all know that like children, sometimes our pets misbehave and we need to have an opportunity to correct their behavior.  Give us that chance!

I can sympathize with the County of San Benito and City of Hollister and their budgets.  But doing things like euthanizing a 6 month old puppy that nipped a person chasing it just does not make sense.

At the end of the day, many of the decisions the County makes gets down to dollars and sense...perhaps we need to sit down and hammer out a comprehensive plan for the animal control department and fund it appropriately to carry out its mission and stop treating the animals like criminals and hold owners responsible.  My guess is some new ordinances are in order.