On Development

It is obvious that more homes are needed in California, and San Benito County is a desirable place to live. The problem is that we have allowed development to happen without accomodating necessary infrastructure, like roads and schools.

The goods news is that we know from other areas in California that new homes can be built and infrastructure improvements can be made and paid for. 

Most of all: local elected officials have to stop endorsing and helping to elect state legislators and members of Congress that vote to spend our tax dollars in San Francisco and Los Angeles instead of San Benito County! We should support repealing the recently enacted road tax and the extension of cap & trade, freeing those tax dollars for us to spend here...in San Benito County.

Historically, the County has allowed development to occur without much thought about the infrastructure here. Much of the time they took the quick and easy way out to help out the developers: approve homes without having builders help meaningfully with the impact of more people and more cars, and the county did not account for developer fees correctly. This resulted in our congested roads, missing monies, and poor hybrid alternative structures known as Community Service Areas, that the county also has issues with.  Note: this is not the fault of county employees, whose positions were cut, cut, cut.  It is the fault of the elected for not thinking through how growth could occur smartly. 

Going forward, we need to get the state, the federal government, and developers to pay for the infrastructure. This is not as far-fetched as it seems!  We pay millions of dollars in income, sales tax, fuel taxes, and other fees...time to have some of that spent here! We cannot do this without the help of our member of Congress (Jimmy Panetta) and the next State Assembly Member and State Senator we elect in November 2018.

We might have to look at solutions such as private-public partners for a sufficient road in and out of the county. Once we were to make a decision on the path of a widened highway (25, 156, 152, new, or some combination), more than likely a truck station with all the amenities and ancillary businesses would be built, creating a large tax revenue stream that could be used for infrastructure. Repealing the recently acted gas tax and perhaps replacing it with our own tax would go a long way in fixing our roads.

No candidate for Supervisor can possibly have all the answers to this difficult problem, but if they are not addressing the revenue or other other methods of paying for roads, they are not serious candidates!