Fire Protection in San Benito County

I cannot imagine a more sensitive subject than fire protection in San Benito County.  Our budget is spread thin enough, and we have had on-going struggles figuring out what to do with our historical agencies (City of Hollister, County, Cal-Fire, and San Juan Bautista).  Equipment and fire fighting methodologies between agencies is differentiated, i.e., wild fire versus structure, costs, and local employer versus state employee.  Ugh!  At the end of the day, it is us, the taxpayer and resident that is caught in the middle.  Enough!

I say let's take a comprehensive look at what best fits our county, then figure a way that everyone wins.  Naturally city and county firefighters do not want to lose their jobs to Cal-Fire, but is there a way where no one loses their job, but we get efficiencies from a single agency?  Probably.