Rob Bernosky is the candidate for you!

What do you want San Benito County to be?  I want it to retain its heritage and culture, but want the amenities that keep more families here and tourists dollars spent here.  That requires revenues that must be generated from commerce and getting our state assembly member, state senator, and member of Congress to invest in San Benito County.  They are not shy about taking our money, why are they so stingy about spending it here?

Another issue in getting in the way of our county being mismanaged is how much time elected officials spend on social issues, especially ones that they can barely impact, while real problems chip away at our livelihood.  While I am not going to attack anyone, one of my best examples is one of our current supervisors posting a picture of himself beaming over a proclamation that truly has no effect, while his constituents are stuck on highway 25 and packages are being stolen off their porches.

I am in this to make our lives better.  Vote for Rob Bernosky on June 6.