The Issues

San Benito County is at a cross roads.  Our heritage and culture is western, agricultural, rural.  But we have become a bedroom community to the Bay area, and along with the housing issues that change brought, we have more social issues and social opinions changing.  Those two worlds can co-exist, but not in silos.  Roads must be improved both for the commuters so they can get to and from work on dedicated routes.  The farmers need local roads that need to move equipment and get their products to market.  We need to be safe from fire and criminals.

I know that I am going to be attacked on some of these issues and my thoughts.  If I wrong in your opinion, give me call.  I will listen as long as you are speaking with facts.

People just want to enjoy their lives, and we need government to get out of our way where it can, and be good value when it cannot.  Your elected leaders can make a difference, and it is important you choose one that will stand up for you.  I am that candidate.