Why Run Now?

Since being elected to the Hollister School Board, it has been a pleasure to serve the community by taking a leadership position in these long-time problem areas:

  • Initiating the investigations into accounting irregularities involving the calculation and collection of developer fees, property taxes, and the accounting between the school district and other county entities.
  • Taking care of serious personnel issues that put children in harm's way.
  • Emphasizing that the Hollister School District is an academic institution, and our mission is about student achievement in academics and safety of the children and staff.

Our money and accounting issues with the County of San Benito County are consuming so much of the Hollister School District's time and resources, it is putting our efficient and professional running of the schools at risk.  I need to get behind the scenes of the County of San Benito County, much like I did with the Hollister School District, to figure out what is going on and how to prevent this mess from happening again. Everybody, including any entity that the County of San Benito collects taxes or does the accounting for, including the Hollister School District, wins if we correct what went wrong.

There's More

There is a crisis brewing for the County of San Benito, just as it is for almost every other municipality and other government entities in California, including the Hollister School District.  Pension payments to CalPers (California Public Employees Retirement System) are "crowding out" funds that are supposed to be paying for services that you expect from your government.   At the same time we are demanding more roads and repairs, law enforcement and fire protection, funds are having to be sent to CalPers to cover the pensions of employees.

The fact that county and other government employees are getting pensions are not the problem.  The problem is that the County, more or less directed from the State, put off dealing with funding issues for a long, long time.  Reserves that we have now and could be spent on badly needed services will be going to CalPers.  At the same time, activists have shut down revenue sources like the harvesting of fossil fuels.  This is a conundrum that must be solved, now.